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Supply Chain Broker-free

No brokers. No brokerage commissions. 


Intelligent and dynamic

Digitalize your entire supply chain and empower your business to become more intelligent and dynamic in today's ever-changing business environment


The future of supply chain, today

The automated freight shipping platform does everything for you. From matching with vetted carriers to tracking, billing, all paperwork and everything else, you need to ship your loads securely. 


Cut brokerage fees

By going broker-free, you can significantly reduce your transportation costs and make your business more cost-competitive.

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We created the most powerful platform that simplified your supply chain.  Upfront pricing. No brokerage fees. No hidden information.

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100% Transparent

We increased the industry safety bar by constantly monitoring carriers' performance and making sure that every carrier, no matter of their size, can provide world-class service to you.

No brokers. No brokerage commissions. Get instant upfront pricing for your lanes. Our rates adjust in real time and based on market conditions. By cutting brokerage fees our system offers you the best price on every shipment. 

No black boxes, no hidden information anymore. Stay on top of your supply chain, get any information at any time, from practically anywhere. 24/7. 



and this is what we guarantee!

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Three Kings

"Hub has helped us cut brokerage fees and improve supply chain by looking at transportation differently."

–Vlad Arakelyan, Logistics Manager, Three Kings

Del Plata

Del Plata

"Finally, NO haggling, NO brokers, NO back and forth phone calls... I can't tell you how much easier my life got the very minute we started to work with Hub."

–Martin Goicoechea, VP of Operations, Del Plata


asked questions

Do you charge a commission for each load?

No. We charge a monthly subscription flat fee that is a fraction of what brokers take. Hub leverages leading technologies and automates processes to simplify our internal operations, keeping costs low and provide greater transparency than ever before.

How does Hub different from any tech-enabled brokerage company?

Tech-enabled brokers are still freight brokers and they charge commissions per shipment. We don't charge commissions per shipment. Moreover, because our earnings don't rely on commissions per shipment, we don't have a conflict of interest with shippers and carriers, so we provide unprecidented transparency that non of existing brokers can't. In addition, we empower carriers with technology, expertise and data analytics that they can provide world-class service to shippers, no matter their business size.

How are carriers vetted?

Consistent with the industry standards, we review carrier operating authority, safety rating, and insurance using information from the FMCSA database and third-party tools, like SaferWatch. We also check driving styles, on-time maintenances, and many more parameters to make sure that carriers can provide reliable service to our partner shippers.

Are the carriers required to have cargo liability insurance?

Yes. Carriers working with Hub are required to have at least $100,000 in cargo liability insurance, and Hub regularly verifies these coverages.

What if there is damage to my cargo?

Carriers are liable to shippers for loss or damage to cargo in accordance with applicable law. Hub has an internal team that helps facilitate resolution and supports our shippers in the case of cargo loss or damage. This team will coordinate your claim communications with the carrier. Please contact to report a cargo claim.

Tired of paying 30%

brokerage fees?

No brokers. No brokerage commissions.

Getting "early access" to Hub is defined as signing up with a valid email address for a spot in Hub's waitlist queue. You can improve your spot in the queue each time you refer someone who signs up with a valid email address. There is no limitation on the number of referrals you can make and the number of positions you can move in line. Registrants will be notified first, based on their current position in line and will be given an invitation to access Hub's account opening application process. Early access to Hub's waitlist queue should in no way be construed as confirmation that an account has been opened or will even be approved for opening. 


*Hub is not a freight broker and is not a motor carrier.


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